Thursday, November 10, 2011

Only 14 days left

our flight is delayed from Mumbai to Kolkata, luckily the Mumbai airport is incredibly nice so it is not a terrible place to spend a few hours. as with everything in india though there is an odd almost uncomfortable contrast when you look out over the tarmac and see one of asia's largest slums. The people of Mumbai are so used to the slums and their 8 million inhabitants that they talk about them in a matter of fact manner. On the drive to the airport the driver kept pointing them out and while we were staying in Mumbai we saw adds for slum tours which would guide you through them. Now i don't think the people should be ignored but i couldn't imagine walking through the narrow walkways gawking at their way of life.  The most expensive house in the world is also located here. It is 27 stories tall for a family of 5 according to  a taxi driver we had. the presence of the skyscraper house angered him. he felt it should not be in the city for so many of the poor people to see. even though these are all truths, there is so much beauty here and we cannot believe we only have 14 days left, it is going by much too quickly. i wrote this on my phone so i apologize for mistypings.

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