Saturday, November 5, 2011


We arrived in Goa 2  days ago. This state is very different from the others due to the fact that Portugal was here for 451 years until the Indian government "liberated" the people here in 1961, although some Goans still refer to it as the "invasion". The influence of the Portuguese can be seen in many ways. First of all it is a less conservative state in regards to dress, treatment of women, and alcohol consumption. Secondly, the architecture is distinct from other parts of Southern India we have been to so far as it is much more European in appearance.  Our room is on the 4th floor of the Sandalwood Inn near Dona Paula. We have a suite with vaulted ceilings and far more space than we need. I got a great deal on the room by booking early online. Although the good deal may also be due to the fact that our room overlooks a sewage treatment plant. 

We are a short walk from the Arabian Sea which is very warm although that is not too surprisingly because even when it rains here it doesn't get much below 80 degrees. It is less humid here in Goa though which is a nice change although it is hotter. 

Yesterday we ventured over to Old Goa which has 7 old churches/cathedrals built by the Portuguese in a very small area. The stray dogs in India are part of everything. They roam everywhere. here is one taking a nap on a monument built in 1661 to honor St. Francis Xavier.

The mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier are on display inside the church for all to see and devotees come from far and wide to see him. Here he is:

Here are 2 Cathedrals right next to each other. 

This is me in front of a church built for St. Catherine by Albuquerque 

The ruins of the Church of St. Augustine which was originally built in 1602. It was abandoned in 1835 because of a decree from the government.

Filming was taking place in the ruins while we were there. An actor was lip syncing to a song, unfortunately he was not anyone I recognized but it was still neat to see the process. Craft services is not quite the same as it is back home. 

A front view of the Se Cathedral:

The Viceroy arch with Vasco De Gama on one side

As we wandering around the city trying to stay in the shade to avoid the heat we came across this abandoned  rusted ship in a small harbor.

A wedding has been taking place in our hotel for the last few days which I really enjoyed being so close to. Matt noticed this wooden junction box they were using to bring electricity to different parts of the lawn. It may explain some of the multiple power outages we have been having.

After a nice swim in the Arabian Sea we both felt refreshed and happy

For dinner we took a taxi over to Panjim. After walking around the city, which is probably my favorite so far, we came across an atmospheric Punjab restaurant that appealed to us both. We noticed an item labeled chilly cheese naan and couldn't resist. I think we made a mistake though because it was one of the most delicious things we have ever tasted. They baked the cheese and chiles into the naan like an Indian quesadilla. 

In Panjim we saw this church and I really liked the neon cross on top. I don't know anything about the church though.

After some time in the pool this morning we returned to our room to this cute towel design. 


  1. God, I hate you guys soooooooo much! I want to drop everything an go now.

  2. I had no idea India had this kind of architecture. (Disclaimer: I don't know anything about India.) I love these photos. I look forward to you making me chili cheese naan when you get home. PS I think the swan towel is stalking you.

  3. It's 58 degrees here today...last night there was hail. I'm jealous of your Arabian Sea. :) and I too look forward to Indian quesadillas.